Holy Face Campaign 2017
April 1st Deadline!

55% of Holy Face costs received!

Can you help it over the line??

There’s €25,000 short of launching your HOLY FACE Campaign across Ireland
– North and South!

THANK YOU for your generosity to this point!!!

1st APRIL is the payment

deadline to the


Can you help?

Please read on…

I want you to be part of something wonderful!

Holy Face Devotion DIRECTLY addresses:

• The grievous 8th amendment saga and "Citizen’s Assembly."

• Relentless pushing of sensuality and the homosexual agenda in the media, schools.

• Our Lord’s true presence mocked on TV.

• Hatred of God and Church.

Such was all foretold long ago by Our Lord Himself and he has given us the “remedy” – His Holy Face!

Urgent! Your help needed!

April 1st deadline approaching fast!

Thank you for getting us this far.


Just think about this! The power of:


   • Thousands viewing Jesus' Face on 40 Billboards & commuter squares at rail stations, busy roads & shopping centres!

    • Jesus' face on 200 packed buses, Dublin and nationwide!

   • 1,000,000 views internationally on Facebook - on mobile phones, tablets and laptops!

   • A whopping 60 public prayer vigils on Good Friday 12-1 pm!

REMEMBER - A spiritual problem requires a spiritual solution!

Support Holy Face Campaign 2017

Two things YOU can do.


1) Prayer Please pray a Memorare daily - that God provides for this Holy Face campaign.

2) Immediate Please help with the €25,000 shortfall today.


Please call our emergency helpline 094 9375993.

How many souls will fail to see the Holy Face if we do not raise this final amount?! Be part of something wonderful – transforming Ireland!

You can do it. We can do it.

Sincerely in Christ,

Patrick McCrystal

Executive Director,
Human Life International (Ireland)

PS Urgent! 55% of costs already in - your helped needed to get this over the line.