Holy Face Appeal 2017

You can confound the powers of evil!!

Help unveil a Holy Face Billboard 

in YOUR county!!

You can directly release the power of Jesus’ Holy Face in Ireland – including your county in just a few weeks time!!!!!

The souls of countless young people in Ireland are under fiendish attack.

• “Abortion Bus” to travel around Ireland distributing “abortion pills” in universities.

• Citizen’s Assembly – appears seriously biased on abortion and eighth amendment.

• Sex education and transgender ideology totally assaulting youth’s concept of marriage – all over Ireland, North and South.

• Blatant ridicule of Church teachings.

If you and I don’t do something – it’s set to get worse!

God is the only recourse we have!! 

Serious reparation is necessary

Will YOU help unleash an EVEN BIGGER Holy Face campaign  in 2017 than last year’s great success?

Last year, we had 28 Billboards, 200 bus ads in the Republic and 33 prayer vigils in 32 counties in reparation, repentance and imploring God’s grace. We were OBEDIENT to God. We trust in HIM.

EXPANDING - We have now booked: 

32 County  Billboard, Bus and Train campaign

    • 40 x full-size Billboards – covering EVERY county inc. Northern Ireland.

   • 200 national Buses adverts – for a FULL month.

   • 288 x DART adverts – plastering the Dart rail carriages throughout greater Dublin area

   • 10 x Commuter Squares - large ad format on Rail Network – back lit.

   • 60 x Good Friday Public Vigils this Lent - distributing literally thousands of BLESSED medals and leaflets, plus website and internet.

There will be at least one full-sized billboard in YOUR COUNTY – more in big cities!!

We are aiming for TWO public prayer vigils on Good Friday in YOUR county and at least ONE Holy Face prayer group!!

Let’s pray our beautiful young people and Ireland come closer to God!!

This is the next stage in a FIVE YEAR PLAN - to FILL Ireland with the Holy Face!

You can transform Ireland


In a Vatican- approved message, Our Lady said to Blessed Maria Pierina De Michelli in 1938:

“…in these times of sensuality and hatred towards God and the Church… a Divine remedy is required; that remedy is the HOLY FACE OF JESUS!” (Biography p9)

Let's get that REMEDY into the country - help save our young people, save souls!!!

Last year Over 1 million people saw the Holy Face in 2016!!

A young woman said to my colleague:
“I see it everywhere I go!” having seen it on her phone, her bus and on billboards.

A Buddhist woman blurted out
“I couldn’t take my eyes off it ... referring to the Holy Face billboards in Bray Dart station.

One Dublin couple said:
“It was a tremendous privilege to be at the Spire in Dublin … to make reparation to God for the state of the apostasy the country has descended into.”

The HOLY FACE IN South Carolina

Only seven weeks ago– a permanent billboard of the HOLY FACE was erected in South Carolina, USA.

- directly inspired by the Holy Face Campaign in IRELAND!!

Isn't that wonderful?!

Well done to YOU, who made it happen last year so successfully!!!

Around the World

Last year, your Holy Face campaign went literally worldwide!

I was interviewed in Rome by Steve Jalsevac, of Lifesite news, who termed our campaign “astonishing” and suggested it a possible model for other countries and groups. 

Hundreds of great comments from around the world flooded the Holy Face website since last year.

One Man said:
“What an incredible website!!.. seeing your work in Ireland is exciting and gives much hope!”

Another wrote:
“It was a GREAT pleasure that I saw (your) Holy Face campaign over there in Ireland…. I simply thought what you did was the greatest!”

Now let’s take it higher!!

FLOODING THE COUNTRY As well as the billboards, train and Bus ads, we are flooding the country with Holy Face devotion … setting up prayer groups in 32 counties, distributing thousands of blessed medals, speaking on Radio Maria, talks and presentations in parishes, hotels and nursing homes.

This is a long-term, comprehensive, determined effort.

We are appointing a National coordinator to promote Holy Face countrywide.

The Guadalupe Centre is now Ireland’s FIRST Holy Face centre in KNOCK!!