National Pro-Life Report June 2015

        • Catholic Activist Training School – great success

        • Tim Staples a spiritual warrior of God

        • CD talks from CALL week available

        • New Ultrasound Scanner has arrived

        • New Website on homosexuality

        • Same-sex marriage referendum outcome

        • Volunteers needed for our Knock centres

        • Men’s Climb 2015

        • Pilgrimage of Atonement to Lough Derg June 2015

        • Annual Pilgrimage to Knock Shrine October 2015

        • Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence book offer

Dear HLI Ireland supporter,

Did you know that you are a soldier on a spiritual battlefield? At home or on frontline, you have a part to play.

Catholic Activist Training School
Easter week 2015 was truly an amazing grace-filled one which will live long in the memories of the 25 trainee warriors for God’s Kingdom. The training school ran from 6-10th April in the Corralea Activity centre in Co. Fermanagh.

The Lord truly blessed us - even the unreliable Irish weather was beautiful and made our outdoor activities all the more enjoyable. Tim Staples – Catholic convert, former US Marine Corps, husband and father led the week-long training school.

Talk after talk was jam-packed with knowledge, scriptural and catechism quotes and insights shaped by his unique life experience. Tim pointed out it was in his top FIVE most blessed training weeks in his 22 years of professional apologetics.

He said “you guys obviously prayed a lot for this.”  This is yet another example of how the prayers of you our faithful supporters are so important in building up the Kingdom of God. Our attendees were delighted with Tim’s forthright presentations delivered with a deep love for God and His Church. It felt as if we were in the midst of a walking Bible!

Some comments from our attendees

“Best week of my life”

“Tim was all and more than I expected...”

“Tim is the best speaker I’ve ever heard and I’ve travelled all over Ireland...”

“Had an absolute cracker of a few days and will remember the experience I had forever”

God bless all who were involved in organising week from frontline to behind the scenes”

The attendees met up for a follow-up day in Dublin to plan Catholic action. Please keep them all in your prayers. Please God, we trust that the Lord will use them powerfully to defend the faith and help build up the Kingdom of God.

New Ultrasound Scanner is here
Wonderful News! Our new ultrasound scanner HAS ALREADY saved its FIRST BABY!!!

Praise God !!! Kate is seen with a baby saved.

Your wonderful generosity made this possible.

Lord willing, more babies will be spared this year. THANK YOU so much to all our supporters who made this happen through your financial support and prayers. Please keep praying for our dedicated pregnancy counsellors Dr. Rita, Kate and volunteers.

Fasting for marriage and family
We called our supporters on our HLI Fast rota to fast one day in May for marriage and the family.

These are critical times requiring us to use our spiritual weapons. Fasting and praying are key weapons in this battle. If you would like to join our fast rota write “I would like to join fast rota” on enclosed reply form and return. Thank you!

Respect for Homosexual persons
In the words of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the church teaches that homosexual people "must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity" and that "every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided."

The catechism however describes a "homosexual inclination" as "objectively disordered" and homosexual acts as "intrinsically disordered," because sexuality is "an integral part of the love by which a man and a woman commit themselves totally to one another until death." Needless to say these are unpopular things to say but the hallmark of a truly democratic country is the protection of unpopular speech.

New Website on marriage and same-sex attraction
As part of our mission to educate the public on matters concerning marriage and the nature of the family we have just launched a new website called Check it out! 200,000s of hits!!!

Conference on the Family
Our conference held in Dublin on 30th January. Speakers included Dr. Thomas Ward, Joseph Meaney U.S.A., Anthony Murphy of the Catholic Voice newspaper, Catholic broadcaster and author Joanna Bogle and Patrick McCrystal.

Same-sex ‘marriage’ referendum
Regardless of the outcome of the referendum God’s laws never change. By referendum, the voting majority of the Irish people have in effect rejected God’s law on marriage. This vote formally illustrates what is in effect a national apostasy – a national turning away from God.

Serious repentance and atonement are necessary to stave off the reaping of the harvest that these bitter seeds we have sown.

True believers in Jesus Christ have now a unique, sole and imperative role to draw God’s mercy upon our wounded nation. In the end, HE has the victory.

Foreign Money
The truth is that our young people did not properly hear the Church’s beautiful and compelling teachings on human sexuality and marriage. Young people respond magnificently when they hear this message presented properly.

The media and others are determined our youth do not hear this message. It was reported US based Atlantic Philanthropies - run by billionaire Chuck Feeney - was the principle funder of the NGOs who campaigned for a yes vote. Funding ran to several million dollars. The silence of the media was deafening!

Press statements
We issued a number of press statements, reported in The Irish Times and around the world. “Today, the voting majority of the Irish people have voted in effect to reject God's law on marriage. Irrespective, the law of God remains unchanging. We have chosen to turn away from God and his laws. How can we expect to continue to enjoy God's blessing and protection as a nation?”

Read full statement here.

20 All Night Vigils
We helped organise and promote 20 all-night vigils to pray for the upholding of God’s plan for marriage prior to the referendum. Vigils took place North, South, East and West, from Derry to Wexford, from Dublin to Mayo. These are the ones we know about. We are confident the Lord will honour the sacrifices made by all in spending the night – or even an hour - with Him in the midst of this spiritual battle.

HLI (Ireland) in Rome
I had the privilege of representing HLI Ireland at a major pro-life leaders’ global meeting in Rome 8 May 2015. With delegates from all over the world, John Smeaton (SPUC UK), Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Pell were amongst other familiar faces.

You’re invited - C.A.L.L. mark 2
HLI’s worldwide President Fr. Shenan Boquet and researcher Brian Clowes are now conducting a week’s pro-life and Catholic activists training in Dublin September 10-17th. It is a stand-alone week in its own right, to which I invite you.

Bringing years of accumulated know-how in the world-wide pro-life trenches, Fr Shenan and Brian will address all the issues currently facing the Church and the know-how to counteract them.

Venue is Legionaries of Christ, Leopardstown. Accommodation details to be confirmed. Mark it free in your diary 10-17th September!!!

Men’s Climb
Our Annual Climb to the summit of Croagh Patrick for men will take place on Saturday 22nd August 2015. We had a great day last year. Join our men’s climb of reparation 22nd August 2015. Last year one man said “One of the best days of my life”.

Call us on 094-9375993 for more details.

Guadalupe Centre & The Cloak needs YOU
Bric & brac and small household items particularly in need. One lady has just volunteered to help a Sunday in a month in Guadalupe centre. Another has volunteered one weekday per month. Could you fill in remaining gaps?

Are you free for a week or 2 in the summer at the height of the busy season?

Pilgrimage of Atonement to Lough Derg
Will you join me and HLI (Ireland) colleagues on a pilgrimage of atonement to Lough Derg, Co. Donegal on the weekend of June 19th to 21st? We will offer our pilgrimage in reparation and atonement for the majority of our nation manifesting a rejection of His laws.

Annual HLI Ireland pilgrimage

to Knock Shrine takes place on Saturday October 3rd 2015. Last year we organised buses from all over Ireland to gather people to Knock. Will you help us fill a bus from YOUR local area?

CDs of CALL Activist Week.
List of CALL talks now available on CD! Click here to view.

Tim Staples presents truly uplifting Catholic apologetics information with Fr. Fergal O Duill and
Patrick McCrystal’s talks also.

Patrick McCrystal
Executive Director

PS For your donation of €35 / £30, I will be happy to send you the wonderfully inspiring book “Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence”.


Jam-packed into this neat pocket-sized book you will discover:

• How practicing entire submission to God’s Will lays up inestimable treasures at every moment.

• How you can amass more riches in a few days than others can acquire in many years of great labour.

• The great graces that come from the practice of conformity to the Will of God.

• How to remain at peace in the face of disaster.

• How to be assured of God’s manifold graces in difficult choices.

• How to remain indifferent to good fortune or adversity.

• How to bring down even greater graces upon us than those won by charity.

• How your trusting God so pleases Him.

• How God is working through even the ill-fortunes that befall us.

• How the man who lets God be the pilot of his life floats tranquilly on the ocean of life.

Not only that, but you will discover a most intriguing prayer to pray that I promise is set to turn your life inside out – a prayer that St. Claude de La Colombière prescribes on page 113-114.

It is a prayer that challenges me to my socks – a prayer that if prayed God will answer and through which we cannot lose!!!

St Colombière also states we receive little from God because we ask for too little.

In addition to that, we sometimes ask big but don’t ask long enough.

Believe me, this is just a great little book a friend passed on to me and which I am now passing on where the treasure is to be had!

My gift to you for your donation of €35 / £30 towards our pro-life Catholic based apostolate.

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